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The International Certification & Standards Board (ICSB) governs the professional certifications and education pathways of APFinSA.

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The Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress is the largest financial services congress in the region.

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APFinSA Awards aim to celebrate the endowment and recognition among over a million financial services professionals internationally.

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APFinSA Vision Statement

To be the leading association in the Asia Pacific region to enhance and raise the standards and competencies of practitioners in the financial services industry.

APFinSA Mission Statement

  1. To provide professional financial literacy.
  2. To promote high standards in competency and ethics.
  3. To facilitate communication and sharing of best practice among member countries.
  4. To alert and create awareness about regulatory reforms in the region.
  5. To confer due recognition to competent and qualified financial advisors of the region.


APFinSA Council Members represent the voice of over 100,000 financial service professionals across 11 country associations. That’s a lot of local knowledge driving global influence.

The Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner is the certification for the modern financial practitioner. More than 8,000 delegates attend the bi-annual congress, making it the largest financial services congress in the region.

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Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner

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The Value of Life Insurance

Months ago, APFinSA had taken this bold initiative, through a series of short video clips that carry the important message [...]

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Our Objectives

  1. To help raise the insured population in Asia Pacific countries.
  2. To salute all life insurance agents for their selfless sacrifices.
  3. To create awareness amongst policyholders to lend a hand to agent by offering referrals.
  4. To awaken the viewers on the responsibilities of keeping families together through life insurance protection planning.
  5. To uplift the image and social status of insurance agent to par with other professionals.
  6. To encourage the working population, especially young people to build a career in the life insurance industry.


Winner: $4,000 (Singapore Dollar)
1st runner-up: S$2,000 (Singapore Dollar)
2nd runner-up: S$1,000 (Singapore Dollar)
5 Consolation Prizes S$500 each (Singapore Dollar)

APFinSA member countries prescribe for their individual members the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct.

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