Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner


Financial advisers who have achieved the international certification, Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner, possess the financial planning skills fundamental to the delivery of quality financial advice. Financial advice transforms people’s lives. Research tells us that it is not just the technical knowledge that makes a difference. It is how those knowledge and skills are practically applied.

The financial world is complex and often hard to understand. The pace of change is accelerating. Consumer’s expectations are changing and advances in technology are uncovering opportunities for everyone that were previously unimaginable. The Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner delivers new thinking for a new financial advice profession. That’s why FChFP is the certification for the modern financial practitioner.

Consumers seeking life-changing financial advice: With a financial adviser who has achieved the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner certification, consumers know they are in good hands. Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioners, have both the technical knowledge and practical expertise to help consumers reach their financial aspirations.

Regulators & Policy-makers: APFinSA member countries prescribe for their individual members the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct.

Practitioners & Business Leaders: The Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner certification provides the modern financial adviser with the tools to adapt and thrive – qualities that will provide you with a meaningful career advantage.

Professional Bodies and Associations: The Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner is the pre-eminent mark of professionalism and the certification for the modern financial practitioner.

The Value of the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP)        

 Completion of the FChFP programme and award of the FChFP certification demonstrates to the public your unwavering commitment to professionalism and that you possess the knowledge and skills required to successfully meet the rigorous competency and ethical standards of APFinSA.

 Why choose the FChFP?

  • The FChFP certification is built around the needs of the modern financial practitioner and is specifically designed to cover the concepts and skills that you will use in all stages of your career.
  • The blended learning approach of online and face-to-face learning caters to the diverse learning needs of the individual.
  • The FChFP certification addresses both the formal and practical needs of financial practitioners and across the financial services spectrum, including financial advisers, executives, product and service providers.

Enrolment Requirements

APFinSA requires all professional certification candidates to matriculate based on an undergraduate/graduate degree and/or working experience in the financial services operating landscape.

  • Qualifications and Working Experience

Candidates applying must have 2 years of full-time business experience in financial services and related industries. 

A degree from an accredited educational institution is recognised as one year of business experience.

  • Minimum Age Requirement

All candidates must be above 21 years of age to apply for the certification.

  • Membership

Candidates applying for the FChFP programme are to maintain active membership with the local appointed course provider. 

Candidates who have passed all modules of the FChFP programme may apply for the FChFP Designation with the International Register of APFinSA.

FChFP Learning Approach

Our blended learning approach provides our candidates with a practical and innovative education pathway through an effective mix of traditional face-to-face and online learning.

The FChFP learning experience is highly individualised and prepares our candidates to successfully apply theory to real-world practice.

FChFP Curriculum Framework and Outcomes

The FChFP certification aims to address the needs of professionals who work in financial services and allows candidates to study for a tertiary-level professional certification, where the major objectives are:

  • To develop knowledge of the major disciplines underpinning financial services at a practical and conceptual level.
  • To enhance analytical, interpretive, communication and problem solving skills.
  • To provide an understanding of management in a financial services environment, including strategy formulation and implementation as well as contemporary issues facing the industry.
  • To apply the disciplines, skills and judgements to practical problems.
  • To raise the level of professionalism of financial practitioners.
  • To set a high professional standard of quality and knowledge.

Upon completion of the FChFP certification, practitioners will have demonstrated capability in the following financial advice knowledge areas:

  • Financial Planning Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Taxation Concepts
  • Risk Management and Legal Aspects
  • Estate Planning and Tax Planning
  • Financial Planning Applications

FChFP Assessment Framework

The units that comprise the FChFP are assessable through completion of formal exams and case studies.

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